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Usual Billing Errors We Often Commit & How To Correct Them

Every year there are over £500 million dollars in excess fees paid to utility companies. These are due to billing errors which are often neglected but can certainly take away a substantial amount of our budget over time. They can be overcharges from energy suppliers, internet, cable, mobile phone and so much more. Here is a straightforward guide to help you determine the things you should and shouldn’t be spending on.

The Utilities

Always check the dates. Oftentimes, billing is automated and there are some overlapping charges which can cause a huge problem with most billing. Check the date range for that particular statement to make sure you are not paying twice for the service.

Take time to calculate. Know how to calculate metered use of electricity and always double check the bill charged. This can be burdensome for many of us, but this is the best way to keep tabs on billing errors.

Keep an eye on any irregularity. When weather changes, there are certain changes that occur in the way you live, and so your bills can significantly change. Summer breaks spells more time at home, with kids using so much of the electricity as they play and stay longer at home. But, if you experience power use fluctuations on steady months of August or September, this can be a tell-tale sign of a bigger problem. Inspect your meter accuracy or get in touch with your supplier for an investigation to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Mobile Phone Plans

Careful with the apps. A lot of games and apps are given away for free, but there are some that require in-app purchases or hidden charges steer clear of these apps. You do not want to be surprised with a hefty mobile phone bill next time!

Never allow default settings to bill you. Fees as mobile and roaming charges can balloon over time. Check on this from time to time as some operating system updates can cause your mobile device to turn on to the default settings and turn ‘on’ these services without you knowing ever knowing. Make sure your phone’s mobile data and roaming services are off when not in need.

Review your usage. Do you in fact use all of the text messages and data charged to your bill every month? This is a very typical billing error. If you see a problem or unusual activity, ask your service provider. Rule of thumb – never pay for what you do not need.


Internet/Cable Bills

Watch out for that deal. When you sign up for an internet or cable service, your provider would offer you with some over hyped deals that can often last a year free of charge, after that you will be billed double! Be careful with the deals you sign up for. Make sure there will be no added charges when the promotion offer is over. Read the fine print before you commit to signing that contract.

Bundles are not always that amazing. Sometimes they can be offering you services you won’t actually use in the long run and this can cost you a lot over time. Stick to what you will actually use and insist on getting a standalone service if needed as opposed to bundles if they are not practical and useful for you.

Brand new services spell brand new fees and charges. When you subscribe to a new service, usually you will be charged for new installation, labor, equipment, and other charges – do not let them get away with these exorbitant and useless fees. Instead ask them if there is a complimentary service they can offer to you as part of a loyalty program for customers like you.

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